young boy passed away

Inspired by Logan Stevenson’s Story

I woke up this  morning excited to start my day and about an hour into my morning I was already in the hustle and bustle of the day.  I did a few man chores for the wife, and then started working  on our site for our new members area relaunch.   All along just going about my morning and trying to get all the things done on my priority list before 1pm this afternoon.

Welcome To My Personal Blog

Finally I have started my personal  blog and I am  ready see what trouble we can stir up together.   I wanted to start this blog so for so many reasons which I share a few in the video above, but there are a few key reasons.  So many times we see these stories of entrepreneurs  making it big and it seems like they come out of no where.  All of a sudden they are making tons of money and life seems to be perfect for them and their families.  I feel into that trap of wanting what others have instead of being present and grateful for what I had.